Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 2: I am trying to eat protein and get my muscles to grow. I did two cycling classes at the gym and they were awesome. I ran with my boss. Next week I need to do more weight training and that's good because I have two sessions with a trainer. Fun! I am having a hard time staying away from all the candy and cakes around. If anyone has tips please let me know!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gold's Gym and Doterra Weight Loss Competitions

WEEK 1 The weight loss competition sounds oh so fun. Not  really, not when you like to make desserts all the time. Not when you have to watch every portion size. Oh and did I mention that my neighbor who is a salesman for Winder Farms brought over THREE Carrot Cream Cakes this week because I watch his 11 year old sometimes.  I gave one away to a neighbor, but I couldn't resist the luscious temptation, and  I ended up devouring quite a bit. Maybe that's why I've only lost 2 pounds.  I figured I would just exercise it off. So that's why I was at the gym for three hours tonight. I need to drink more water before I eat, and exercise. That's one thing this week I will try to improve on.  Also eating more Doterra Slim and Sassy shakes to satiate my hunger.

A Weekend with Riley

This blog post was saved on drafts, and I just found it today. I thoguht I had lost all the videos of Riley, so I am happy to see this is here. I think it was 2010 when I thought it would be fun to bring a racoon home for a weekend after Rachel offered. I don't know why. I realize it coud be very germy, and I promise I would never do that now. Riley is lucky to be alive. Her mom was shot because she was living in an attic in Rachel's in-laws house in Alpine. I guess racoons are a regular occurrence there. A day after she was shot later they heard  alot of crying and realized there were babies. Her father in law asked his sons if anyone wanted a baby raccoon, and all four got adopted. I thank Rachel for raising such a cute little raccoon. She had to do a lot of work bottle feeding her and keeping her warm since Riley was only about a week old when she got her. The other ones ended up dying. We enjoyed playing with her, and she was very friendly. She ended up giving Riley to some comservation group after a few months because she was too hard to keep out of the house.

Pete is 29

I just got around to posting this. Pete had a great birthday here in Spanish Fork with his family and Logan and I and Jesse. Logan loved the mango slushie drink and especially because he got to drink it our of a goblet. We had fried fish (dover sole), and I just amde up some flour mixture to fry it in which turned out really well. I also used it on the potatoes. There were so many nice things to say about Pete that we had to go around the circle more than once. I can't remember if it was two or three times, but some of the nice things were that he is a good dad, fun to be with, an outdoorsy person, and always cares about what's going on in other peoples lives. He got a nice BYU Football book from his parents. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Great Grandkids' Treasure Hunt at Grandma Barkers

Funny, I haven't made a post in more than a year. Well now you know where my priorities don't lie. Internet at home is way too slow for uploading pics and no blog post would be good without a picture, right. So now I am at school, just barely getting the results back from my thesis data, but I decide to do a bog post. Pete and Logan made it up to Fruit Heights, which doesn't happen too often, back in June when Katie was visiting with her kids. I had to teach a racquetball class, but I heard it was fun. Logan likes olives! The Vernons (my immediate family only) have a tradition of not liking olives unless they are on a pizza. I guess Logan really is a Webb! Or Great Grandma Fern has passed it down to him.

I guess there was a treasure hunt by Great Grandma Barker and no one could find the treasure, incuding her. She found it later in a cupboard. I totally know the feeling - i.e. old Halloween candy. Playing with Grandma Barkers awesome toys and games should have been fun enough for the kids. Hot Wheels racing, driving electric trains, poke the pirate and alphabet stacking blocks to name a few. Well I hope to do another post soon, but I really should get going. Check back next year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Tulips

The tulip festival was a great idea for my cousin June's birthday.
        Mom got all 4 kids in one stroller, and gave them ice cream cone bubbles. It reminded me of my childhood - always so fun and squishy in the car or the stroller. Etta Mae will have this many kids in one stroller pretty soon, plus one walking. Logan- 23 mos, Alan- 26 mos and Austin- 19 mos, June's boy.He was getting tired by the end and needed his binky.
Finding his bellybutton, as usual.

 Logan follows Alan in dangerous stunts.
Logan had a little wedgie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Luck on your mission Willi! When did you get so tall? This was taken literally minutes before he went into the MTC, as were saying good-bye at Grandma Vernon's. After you endure the monotanous MTC, you will love Taiwan even more! Julia promised she'd hold off on any wedding plans until you got back. JK, but maybe Parley will wait for you to be back. Oh yeah, and I will beat you at racquetball when you get back-even if you are playing right handed!